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October 31, 2010

Hello! Sorry this may be a REALLY long email but I am so happy that you are all well! Thank you for the weather report! That is GREATLY appreciated. We are a bit isolated out here... at least we still can see the sun! I am LOVING my experience here. The MTC I was always told was like a prison.. but I actually love it and I am a bit sad to leave. Time goes by fast and we learn a lot! We mainly learn how to simplify and teach the doctrine by listening to the needs of others and loving. I had a hard time for the first couple of days because all of my strengths at home became my weaknesses here. I could not teach like myself and I felt discouraged. I was able to hear some talks from Bednar and from a few guest speakers that helped me realize to hold onto why I am here. As I am learning more about the nature of Christ I realized that I was called for the the work and that I have been preparing for this since before I came to earth. I have a lot more to learn but also a lot more to give. I am loving people and being myself more and it has helped SO much! We are in the process of teaching a TRC investigator (not sure if LDS or not) from Singapore who does not believe in God but is interested in other religions. Our first lesson fell through when we realized that she was not interested in our message, but luckily I related to her pretty fast with her love for religions and why people worship so we talked about that, and also talked about similar ties with other world religions. GOOD thing I know my history and global religions. We get to meet with her again today and we have a plan just to talk more about those same things and ask her if she wants to learn about how our christian faith is different from other christian faith in a scholarly way. We love her a lot and she makes us laugh! She eats bugs and goes sky diving. So basically she makes me look like a pansy. It will be sad to leave her today since that will be our last time with her.

My companions are Sister Robertson and Sister Chatterton. Sister Robertson is the cousin of Chad Saunders who was a counseler at HOBY. She reminds me a lot of Sister Delange and it is actually really funny how similar we are with our lives and with our quirks. She and I are pretty awkward together so basically we are sisters. Sister Chatterton is from Alberta Canada and she is AMAZING! She is bold and confident and we rely very much on her spirit. She always helps me to be myself and it turns out she can do the batman voice and a muppet voice.... yeah. We are pretty swank. The elders in our district are AMAZING! They are wonderful and hilarious. I already have a list of quotes that I have heard from all of the elders here. I am so glad they are around. They keep it interesting.

I have run into A LOT of people. I have run into a few friends from wyview and from school. I have bumped into the Ellis family during my first day and I am always glad whenever I see them 3 times a day. I also got pictures of me with most of these people and I am really good at winking from across the lunch room now.

I love you all! And I hope to send off another letter to you before I leave for St. Louis next Tuesday! CRAZY how I will be there in a week!?! It is going to be a tough two years (yes. I mean two years) but I know that through Christ I will have strength to lift up my head and continue to love and serve others. This gospel really does bring happiness. I have seen it change people and I have seen it change myself. -But do not worry Sisters. I still love my same music and I think the only weird thing about being home is that I may call all of you sisters.... I LOVE MY CALLING! I love you all! I hope to hear from you soon! I am glad that you all are doing well! That is exciting news for Dad about the prayer! How is that muffin of a dog of mine?!

With LOTS of love!!!!!!!!!
Sister Herdman

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